Jun 12


On January 21, 2012 the first software that can Jailbreak iPad 2 5.0 was released. It was perhaps one of the most anticipated software hack releases since it was the first to work on the A5 chip upon which the device ran on.

The hacking tool known as Absinthe immediately became popular with its relative ease of use and likewise with its untethered type of DRM restriction removal. The software follows a simple 3 stage process which would normally take no more than ten minutes to finish. Below are the stages of the Absinthe hack process on the second generation Apple tablet.

3 Stage Absinthe Process To Jailbreak iPad 2 5.0

  1. Download stage. The software is downloaded to a PC or Mac and then extracted. The correct Absinthe A5 tool must be selected (as there are newer versions of the software) for Windows and for Mac.
  2. Launch stage. The tablet is attached to the computer and the software is launched. Users are advised to back all their files up on iTunes prior to launching the software just in case the process fails.
  3. Reboot stage. The tablet is rebooted to complete the entire process.

Users are cautioned though that using Absinthe to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0 may cause some problems and issues with the tablet and its functions. Some experience getting stuck at the launch stage, some experience display problems and others couldn’t retrieve their backed up files on iTunes.

Although it was relatively easy to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0, applying the fixes to the problems and issues that may arise requires a bit of technical knowledge. This is the part where newbies who dared to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0 often get confused, lost and sometimes mess up their tablets even more in a misguided attempt at trying to fix the problem themselves.

Those who have very little or no experience at all are often advised not to try and jailbreak iPad 2 5.0 by themselves. They instead should acquire the services of experts who for a nominal fee, will provide them with tested softwares, guide them through the process, give them guarantees and have a 24 hour tech support always on tap.

For a more detailed guide to removing restrictions on a tablet, visit: Jailbreak iPad 2 5.0 Software

While there isn’t a hassle-free method to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0, it will be wise for newbies and those with little experience to seek expert help. It may come at a certain cost but then it is far better than losing the tablet altogether.

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