Want to Jailbreak iPad 2? Then try and check your iOS before doing so. If you have a new iOS for your device then this is just one of those times when an untethered modification is just not possible to do. But if you really want to mod your gadget, then a tethered mod may be your only option.

So, here’s a look at tethered customization and whether it’s right for you:

Tethered Modification

In this type of modification, your device won’t function after a restart or freeze. To boot a tethered gadget, you will need to connect it to your computer. Hence, you must ensure not to drain your battery if you don’t want to do the modifying over and over again. But why would anyone tether their device given the circumstances? Well, here’s a list of its pros and cons:


  • Your Device Is Customized

No matter how off-putting the process might be, you will have a customized device at the end of the day. You will have a lot of other options available for you that are not commonly accessible by a non-modified device.

  • Seldom Booting

The need to boot your device doesn’t really happen that often. And chances are, you are already accustomed to the process of modifying that it will not take you long to finish the boot.


  • Hassle

Having this type of modification requires connecting to a computer to boot the device. So, if you are not used to the process yet, then this may prove to be a big hassle indeed!

  • Flawed

This type of modification is usually not intended for general use. It is released to allow developers to test their applications. Therefore, you can expect a lot of bugs and flaws.

What To Do

Do you still want to continue to jailbreak iPad 2? Well then, just proceed with your untethered modification. But, it’s a must to choose the best software to do so to lessen the possible damage your device might endure. So why not visit the site that offers the finest software?

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To jailbreak iPad 2 this way, just keep in mind that pros and cons are involved. If you really think you can handle the cons, then just go right ahead and modify your device.

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It is still a question that most people will ask, is jailbreak legal? This used to be illegal it is now legal. Apple no longer prohibits this. With continuous hacking the only thing that could be done is to legalize the process. Before it was referred to as piracy but today it is not. With the prohibition still up, the market of the device went down. To ensure that this does not kill the business, it was legalized. Most people do this now on their device so that they can sell it and buy another version.

Caution should be taken while doing this. It interferes with the warranty and this means if the iPad breaks down it will be upon the user to repair it. The free customer service only applies to those gadgets which have the original features. This is why you should get software’s from trusted sources. In case it breaks down it will be easier to reinstall without much strain. One should only jailbreak when he is ready to take risks that come with the process. Visit: It is Legal

Different people will have different reasons as to why they do this. It is known that Apple only installs certain software for free then it is upon the user to buy the other applications from the store. This is very expensive bearing in mind that the user will be paying for the operations when he can get them freely from other sources. Therefore the reason for soft modding is to cut cost of the applications.  The Cydia software has all the existing applications and the user will not need to go the app store after buying it. One will want to enjoy the same services cheaply. The user is now able to modify applications that apple does not allow but are supported by tweak.

So the user will be able to apply themes on his home screen and many more. With a soft modded device, it is possible to create passwords to your entries and no one will have access to them. This is especially if there is your friend who likes poking into your device and see what you have stored. This will also cut cost of downloading application. This is because there are people after accessing your device will go to the store straight and start downloading things. To ensure that you won’t be incurring costs, you may decide to Soft mod the device. You will also be able to use your email on the screen. This also enables changing the fonts on the device thus making it have fun. Visit: Why

“What Is It?” is a common question among the people using the device. To soft mod means interfering with the settings installed by the manufacturer by installing different ones. This will set free your device so that you are able to access more application than you can access from the store. It is after this that the user is able to use the applications cheaply. It was discovered by someone who was tired of paying for expensive apps. With a soft modded device, the file systems are accessible and installing new settings is easy. This could be done through untethered soft modding, which is your best choice.

Many people are still wondering what the importance is. Those who are using the soft modded device now have the answer to this. When doing this, your device will be more attractive and with many features. Features like applying different home screen which breaks the monotony of having the apple icon all the time. The users also talk about other advantages like being able to spend a lot more time downloading music than they could before. This is because the services will be paid for cheaply. All the services found in the store are found on the soft modded device. Visit: What It Is

There are a number of software’s on the market. Different people have come up with software’s that can be used on your device. The IOS version of the device will determine what software is to be used. You should get the right software for your device because if you try incompatible one, the device may be damaged.  Some software has been tested while others are new in market.

If you are computer literate you can get the software online. Here you only need to visit the manufacture’s site then download the software. For you to do this your device should have antivirus to prevent crashing. You should also get the software from a known manufacturer. It is therefore good to do some research on what you should install in your device. Repairing cost can be very high and it is therefore good to be sure of the software you want. Visit: Software

Is it possible to do it safely? This can be done by getting the correct software from a trusted source. Though there are many websites that claim to have the software, it is wise to download the software from a reliable source only. You may find that the software you intended to use is not the best. Soft modding is a safe process which in most cases succeeds on all IOS versions. There used to be times that this was safe and this will lead to breaking down of the gadget, but nowadays it’s perfectly safe to do.

The software you use should be easily updated. To prevent bad things from happening you should first do a good research on the software you are about to install. If it happens that you cannot succeed in accepting updates, it means that you are not using trusted software. You can consider removing the software and trying another one. It is wise not to keep on forcing the software because the cost of repairing the gadget incase it breaks down will be higher than that of downloading software. Visit: Safe

The following instructions are guidelines on how to set your device free from the manufacturer’s restrictions. There are different types of soft modding. It depends with whether the device has the tethered or the untethered soft mod. The process starts with downloading the software and then launching the application on the desktop later. You can now click the mod button. While doing this, the device should be off before clicking next on the computer. This is done while pressing the home button till the device is detected by the software. You should now release the home button then the device reboots. The software then starts preparing the data.

The instructions that follow are to select the options that you want and then click ‘next’. At this point the device will now reboot and the software starts uploading the new RAM and the kernel. After the process is complete you will be alerted. You should now click ‘finish’ to exit this application. The device will reboot for the last time and if the process was successful the Cydia logo should be found on the home screen. The rebooting should take around five minutes. Visit: Instructions 

The question on whether you can do it or not has been a concern to many users. It is possible with simple process which you can do by yourself or get an expert do it for you. With the knowledge on this, many people now do not have fears to buy the device as they had before. With technology, the manufacturers are now getting completion from the other people attempting to come up with software’s to soft mod the device. Though is benefits the user, it could translate to loss on the side of the manufacturer. This is as a result of the users not buying the application from the  store.

So, can you soft mod it? has been answered by the coming up of different software hackers. Before you could only do this on some IOS versions but it was impossible with others. Today all versions of iPad can be soft modded. If you do not know the one that can work on your device, we have a link for you at the end of this article. The software is also coming with user manuals to make the work easier. Visit: How To Do It

The latest Apple hack software Absinthe can now be used to Jailbreak iPad 2 5.0.1 with relative success. Unlike previous software hacks which seemed to leave out the second generation Apple tablet, this latest hack that can also jailbreak iPad 2 5.0.1, is also untethered.

Released last May 30, 2012, the Absinthe hack has since proved to be the bane for Apple devices with A5 and A5X chips. And just like previous hacking software, Absinthe follows almost the same process in removing the DRM restrictions on the second generation Apple tablet.

How To Use Absinthe To Jailbreak iPad 2 5.0.1

  1. Backup your files. It is important to back everything up before proceeding.
  2. Download Absinthe. Make sure to download the correct version for Mac and for Windows.
  3. Extract the file. After successfully extracting, run the exe file.
  4. Connect your tablet. You will be prompted to connect your tablet to your PC or Mac.
  5. Launch the program. The process may take several minutes  to complete.
  6. Reboot. Once the program automatically reboots your tablet, you will receive a message that the process was successful.

Despite the popularity of this latest software to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0.1, it is not without risks. Most download websites for this hack software often have disclaimers, telling users to use the software at their own risks.

One can use Absinthe to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0.1 for free. However, ‘free’ does not come with any guarantees and you don’t have anyone on hand to help you jailbreak 2 5.0.1 which can be intimidating for the newbie.

There is a much safer way to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0.1 and that is to acquire the help and services of expert developers. These developers are usually backed up by reputable web companies and offer their services for a nominal fee. Apart from offering softwares that were thoroughly tested, they also offer money back guarantees (even a tablet replacement) and a 24 hour technical support to guide you or bail you out in case you encounter any problems with the software.

For a guide to removing DRM restrictions on devices, visit: Jailbreak iPad 2 5.0.2 Software

Whichever way one chooses to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0.1, whether by using the free software or with the help of experts, there is a good chance that problems may occur during the process. The obvious advantage with opting for the latter is that the risks involved in the process are practically negated.

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On January 21, 2012 the first software that can Jailbreak iPad 2 5.0 was released. It was perhaps one of the most anticipated software hack releases since it was the first to work on the A5 chip upon which the device ran on.

The hacking tool known as Absinthe immediately became popular with its relative ease of use and likewise with its untethered type of DRM restriction removal. The software follows a simple 3 stage process which would normally take no more than ten minutes to finish. Below are the stages of the Absinthe hack process on the second generation Apple tablet.

3 Stage Absinthe Process To Jailbreak iPad 2 5.0

  1. Download stage. The software is downloaded to a PC or Mac and then extracted. The correct Absinthe A5 tool must be selected (as there are newer versions of the software) for Windows and for Mac.
  2. Launch stage. The tablet is attached to the computer and the software is launched. Users are advised to back all their files up on iTunes prior to launching the software just in case the process fails.
  3. Reboot stage. The tablet is rebooted to complete the entire process.

Users are cautioned though that using Absinthe to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0 may cause some problems and issues with the tablet and its functions. Some experience getting stuck at the launch stage, some experience display problems and others couldn’t retrieve their backed up files on iTunes.

Although it was relatively easy to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0, applying the fixes to the problems and issues that may arise requires a bit of technical knowledge. This is the part where newbies who dared to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0 often get confused, lost and sometimes mess up their tablets even more in a misguided attempt at trying to fix the problem themselves.

Those who have very little or no experience at all are often advised not to try and jailbreak iPad 2 5.0 by themselves. They instead should acquire the services of experts who for a nominal fee, will provide them with tested softwares, guide them through the process, give them guarantees and have a 24 hour tech support always on tap.

For a more detailed guide to removing restrictions on a tablet, visit: Jailbreak iPad 2 5.0 Software

While there isn’t a hassle-free method to jailbreak iPad 2 5.0, it will be wise for newbies and those with little experience to seek expert help. It may come at a certain cost but then it is far better than losing the tablet altogether.

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